Monday, August 16, 2010


When our babies are in the creation process we worry and we hang on to every opportunity to hear their little heart pumping. When they make their grand debut we anxiously count fingers and toes. As they grow we measure them and evaluate them constantly checking them against the norm. Always hoping that our child will fit in. In where exactly do we hope they will fit? In the boxes where we place all things “normal.” So what happens when our children don’t fit perfectly into those boxes? I think for most of us the idea is so heart breaking and scary that we don’t even want to think about it.

This summer I have met a little boy who has changed my life; though I doubt he realizes it. He has changed me by just being himself. I walked away from this photo session feeling so alive and inspired by this young man and those who care for him and about him. He doesn’t fit in a perfect little box but is instead defining his own shape in the most magical and inspiring ways. So smart, funny and beyond captivating that within minutes of meeting him you forget what he faces and are pulled into his magical charm.

Right from the start you all felt like old friends and I thank you for the warmth you have all made me feel.

And, especially to you "A"thank you for being such a big inspiration and allowing me to share a little in your life. My heart is pushing against the sides of the perfect little box that has confined it - and I like it. I like it a lot.


Manda said...

Oh my goodness. Your words have me in tears, you have said it perfectly. Isnt he just the best kid? We love him to bits...and his family to.
Your pictures of them are fantastic. I adore the one of them in the superman t's....

Annette said...

Dear Grace, This is Austin's nurse, Annette, and I just wanted to tell you that when I met Austin 4 years ago, I too fell in love and have always been in awe of him and his parents. It truly warms my heart when I see other people meeting them and seeing what I saw in them all, percerverance and strenght. Through your lens you capture his heart and soul like no one before. As a mom of a child who also doesn't fit in a perfect box, your words touched me so and brought tears to my eyes. You are very wise and you truly have a special gift and I wish you many many years of success with your beautifull photography. It was a pleasure to meet you and to witness your interaction with the boys their mom and their grandma. Thank you for the experience. I'll never forget it nor will I ever forget your insightfull words.

Grace said...

Thank you Manda and Annette :) I love that I am able to do a job that I love so much and that I continue to meet such lovely people.